The Thin End of the Wedge

Wiper Motor Park Switch

This page is under construction. The text will be expanded to better describe the problem and the repair.


The wipers on our TR7 did not return to the park position when being turned off. The first investigation revealed that a dpo had snipped one of the wires coming from the wiper switch.

Reconnecting the wire caused another problem. The wipers would not stop anymore.

The Problem

There is a switch in the wiper motor assembly that powers the motor until the wiper are in the park position. This switch is activated by a flimsy piece of metal welded at the end of the tubing. The little piece of metal was broken.

The Solution

Instead of buying a new tubing for US$45, we made a small part with a piece of strapping.

The Picture

This is a picture of the wiper motor assembly. If you look at the picture, a quarter of the way from the left, and half way from the top, you can see the piece of strapping. A picture showing the inside of the wiper motor assembly

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